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Trolls 2016

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Trolls Full Movie Online – A word about that woodland Troll bash. It’s a genuine rave, an explosion of glitter and rainbow color and trippy beats, and it’s here that it becomes clear what an inspired decision the filmmakers made by hiring Justin Timberlake to be their executive music producer. The film’s disco pulse gives it a throb of ecstasy, and this does more than create a handful of kicky musical sequences. It lends resonance to what it really means to be a happy Troll — it lifts them out of the realm of the Smurfs or the heroes of a genial mediocrity like “Gnomes.” The Trolls may be cute-as-a-button and come in the assorted hues of a pack of designer cupcakes, but their party-animal grooviness is, in its way, infectiously adult, and that’s true from the moment the pink heroine, Poppy (Anna Kendrick), leads a running-and-jumping-and-hair-sprouting rendition of the Danish duo Junior Senior’s great 2002 track “Move Your Feet.” From that moment on, the audience has Troll Fever.

Animation , Kids & Family
Directed By:
Mike Mitchell , Walt Dohrn
Written By:
Jonathan Aibel , Glenn Berger

Watch Trolls 2016

watch Trolls online full movie

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